Wednesday, 23 March 2016

What is PHP Difference and Variations between PHP 5 and PHP 4

PHP is associate HTML-embedded scripting language. A lot of its syntax is borrowed from C, Java and Perl with a handful of distinctive PHP-specific options thrown in. The goal of the language is to permit internet developers to write down dynamically generated pages quickly.
What will PHP stand for?
PHP stands for PHP: machine-readable text Preprocessor. This confuses many folks as a result of the primary word of the descriptor is that the descriptor. this kind of descriptor is termed a algorithmic descriptor. For additional data, the curious will visit Free On-Line lexicon of Computing on algorithmic acronyms playit .
What square measure the variations between PHP four and PHP 5?
While PHP five was on purpose designed to be as compatible as doable with previous versions, there square measure some important changes. a number of these changes include:
o          A new OOP model supported the Iranian Engine two.0
o          A new extension for improved MySQL support
o          Built-in native support for SQLite
o          A new error reportage constant, E_STRICT, for run-time code suggestions
o          A host of latest functions to alter code authoring (and cut back the requirement to write down your own functions for several common procedures)

Note: “For more details see on or YouTube form you can get better idea.”
For additional careful data, please read the section on Migrating from PHP four to PHP five and therefore the section on Backwards Incompatible Changes.
I think I found a bug! UN agency ought to I tell?

You should move to the PHP Bug info and confirm the bug is not a noted bug. If you do not see it within the info, use the reportage type to report the bug. it's vital to use the bug info rather than simply causing associate email to at least one of the mailing lists as a result of the bug can have a following variety assigned  and it'll then be doable for you to travel back later and check on the standing of the bug. The bug info will be found at

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