Thursday, 10 March 2016

What is Hiking and Trekking

“Hiking “When we listen the words hiking the tow type of ideas is come in over mined .first one is computer related and the second one is about over journal life. Therefore, what is hiking and what is trekking lets know about it.
What is hiking?
By hiking manes when someone going for recreational purposes, in hiking journey is more important as campier to destinations. In simple words, we say that hiking is a better exercise in natural environment on which everyone can promote physical fitness to see the best videos of hiking and area for selection for hiking much more videos are available on one of one of best platform for those areas on which all sit are banded. One of the best platform for theses type of videos are , YouTube and  like it. pk .

 What is Trekking?
Trekking is the combination of both walking and the hiking in this people can don multiple day’s travails or trips in those areas, which are not developed. Another word trekking is a journey, which can don on foots.

Trekking Vs Hiking
Trekking undertaken on foot where there is no transport and means are available in all area. In trekking not necessary mountaineering, trekking people ca don a lot walks in many days on foots. Nevertheless, the Hiking is activity will don in outdoor in beautiful natural environmental areas to know about Trekking and hiking just write down in your searching box a list will be display in front of you for videos there are more websites are available like  play it , download YouTube videos online .
Comparison between Trekking and Hiking
These are some points which must be keep in mind where going for Trekking or Hiking. And also must be compare points where going for Trekking or Hiking

·         Environmental impact between in Trekking and Hiking
·         Locations  and Holidays
·         Equipment
·         Overview Worldwide differences

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