Thursday, 24 March 2016

SEO Tips Improving Website Ranking

Every one will touch to the  Seo they want to rinks there site  on the top of Google first searching page so for this some tips are given below that Will help you to improve your site rinking on searching en gen.

 1 : Publishing relevant and related continent Its mean when writing article for your website it must be to the point and also free form palgreasim and its must be uniq in simple words we say it is the key point that will increase and improve traffic or user to your website So it must be to the point and relevant to your domain name.

 2 : Content Updating
More impotent thing is that update Content  every day and as soon possible update your content and also must see your keywords form which you can place on your article e.g 
 play it is a keyword so at this point you must fit these keywords on your article look like real and related it your paresis and paragraph.

 3: Meta tags, Metadata and Title Metadata The for most important part of every sit is” Meta tags, Metadata and Tittle Metadata”on this step you must write those words which are commonly used by people and also simple in use and also top searching in Google. simpley say in this  part. And 1st  step of on page Seo point of view when you starting your website so can put these point on your page and give common tags”
Some of there you must focus on it
• Metadata
 • Title
 • Description
 • Keywords
• Link worthy site
•Alt tags

 So theses tips will improve your site ranking and put you to the top when you flow the above steps for more deeply idea then must see videos for this on you tube, playit  you can free down lode the videos for further use.

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