Monday, 14 March 2016

Makeup Tips for every woman

Now a day every woman wants prettier and beautiful from other women and most likely say they want more attractive from other women, Beauty is gift from God but you can improve it and also put more attraction on will doing some makeup.
Tips for makeup:
The first one and most impotent tips for makeup are use lotion and cream will use the makeup.  For oily skin use, those creams that have oil free.
After that use foundation before Makeup this may make your skin more moisture as campier to the Powder puff.  For more tips see on YouTube, like it, playit on which you can see and get lot of information online.
 What is Foundation: Foundation is makeup, which is just like to the skin color that helps to cover the face minor blemish.
The third one is foundation it is used for your skin tons because it like over skin color and also help to avoid the unattractive border on over face fist use little. Most important part for foundation is use in your neck will all the color can be same like your face.

Hide all the wrinkles, pimples, and dark spots in your face if it is in your face, most impotent and attracted part of all the human body is eyes it show all the personality of man or women. For women it is more impotent, use eye shadow on your eyes bur not dark light color, for more color suggestions and tips see videos on playitpk .On this platform, you can get more information and updates. Keep enjoy beauty of life with a good look.

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