Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Welcome message for website template

The first and the most important for every web site is the main page or massage and the content that will display in the front of the people it show the brief idea about the web site that what they are offering.

 In simple words its shows the image of company.  And any organization which will display in front of people. So we must care about that it well, be must to the point and related to the main topic of the information that you given or present to the people for more suitable example of this type of web site are playit , likeit  ,songshd which can present and give the best content for its web pages .

So the first rule and the good pint of welcome note is you will be write most clearly what your website offering.

Second, one is what you are providing to people.

3rd one is how people can find much more things in less or short time on website.
4th one is must show the purpose of you site .

And the other thing is that if your website is simple not large so you can show the simple previews of your site.

Well come massage options
1stone     Tell to your user in so short words “what these people can find and achieve in your site “ such as play it  which show so short and to the point massages to the user or visitors. It means that do not waste time for the web user or your site user.
 one is how people can find much more things in less or short time on website.

3rd  one is must show the purpose of you site .

Use simple terms and condition for your site many people can avoid many sites site terms or rule for registration  and conation, so give the facility to the users that they can use your site very essay and give  such file up linking and down linking or downloading  facility. Like  which give to user downloading facility to all user free downloading and no registration and no rule and regulation so these are some points that you can show in your front page or well come note or welcome text .

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