Friday, 15 April 2016

How use Google Analytics

1.      To amassing general or basic knowledge from your web  site or other mobile app
2.      Create a new Analytics account in the event you would not have one. visit,
3.      Click the signal in to Analyticsbutton (top correct), and follow the on-reveal instructions.
4.      Installed a property in the account you've got created.
5.      If you are setting up Analytic s to track an app, seek advice the nice practices for cell app analytic setup.
6.      Comply with the guidelines to installed net monitoring or set up mobile app tracking.
7.      Note you can see more about Google analytic on play it

8.      Next steps

1.      you can also want to configure your home, account, and consider.
2.      For illustration, that you could:
3.      Add reporting views that clear out inside visitors from your possess organization or show visitors just for certain components of your website. learn about reporting views.
4.      Allow different users to see stories and provides them permission to make configuration changes. learn about consumer administration.
      Establis targets so that you can see conversion rates in your reviews.

5.      Link your Analytics account to your AdWords account. Gain knowledge about AdWords click  on playit 
6.      Browse the solutions Gallery for dashboards, customized experiences and segments that you should use for your account.
7.      which you can gather additional data by way of editing your tracking code. For instance, that you could collect data about:
8.      Ecommerce transactions for your website online or app. examine Ecommerce and About superior Ecommerce.
9.      User interactions with buttons, types, download, and different dynamic factors to your site or app. gain knowledge of about events.

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