Wednesday, 13 July 2016

How use keywords In Article

Short summary of this article 
In this article am writing about  what are the online fighting games .And the second one how to use your keywords in your article like online truck games, etc and how we can fix it in our the  article ?So how we can use and how we can explain over idea which look like Real ?

The first step while writing articles on games as you can put your keyword on top of your article same in simple words I say that you can write the keywords in your starting sentences and your starting words.
The reason for this writing style is taking the user concentrate first to your keywords. Same like using my keyword fighting games .So am first writing  about the fighting and then explain how it work and how we can play the Game .

The most precious way is that you can write about the Game how it will be played by players and how we Got more points , and how got more Free steps to move forward in step by step in while playing Online with other people .

So the question that is coming  in over mind how fix our  key word while reading the so the articles simple answer is that you can put your keyword after the keywords which writer can write in its own articles just writ after his or her keywords “ and , or  and  for more , click on,  watch on  now you can ” just write down these types of words which look like real not like copy past the whole idea of other people . let’s consider the example.

Combating video games  and  “shooting games ”are one of the respected and cherished video game genres. Combating video games are games where two opponents are beating the crap out of each and every. The player’s intention is to beat the opponent.


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