Monday, 2 May 2016

What is Web directory

Web directory
These are directory which stores all the information about a web site. In simple word it stores the data in an organized form into their categories. These are the special  type of web site on which we can put the url of a website and related description of a website. These directories  are not a search engine and it didn’t display keywords, description, other information on the site.  Let’s consider the example,  if we have a website .
The first step is that we can search the related directories for over site.
The Second step is that search the categories fro site will you can put the url of the website.

Third one is the when you can put the url of website after that you will be writing  about all the information which your website can provide.

Note : By ULR means website address which we can put on Google search box .

Web directories can allow and provide all the information to us and the site owner about inclusion and reviews about over website for more updating and fitness for the site seem like playit .

What are RSS directories “Rich Site Summary”

An automated procedure has detected links on this page on the neighborhood or global blacklist. If the hyperlinks are appropriate you may also request white listing by using following these recommendations; or else remember casting off or replacing them with extra proper links.

RSS are those directories which provide us the collection of RSS feeds its same to the link directories but a bit difference is that web directories  can categorize the website information and RSS can give information in the form of feeds  for more videos tutorial  about the RSS and web directories  seem on playit pk from this platform you can get extra knowledge  about these things as well as other thing that are needed .

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