Tuesday, 2 February 2016

News of Flight operations in Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

PIA stopped with at least three employees protesting across the country after the death. The incident occurred when a peaceful protest by employees PIA outside the cargo terminal of the proposed privatization of the national flag carrier of Jinnah International Airport into a bloody conflict against. The clash also left seven people, including a newsagent, wounded law enforcement personnel to open fire to stop protesters from entering the terminal. See live News 92 news live According to an eyewitness account, following a protest by the call (JAC Joint Action Committee PIU), suspended flight operations Pia hundreds of workers.

The protesting workers gathered at the main cargo terminal, but the police and the Rangers stopped them entering the airport. Later, the police and armed forces personnel responsible for the application BATON- disperse demonstrators. For sports updates PTV sports. However, the situation turned violent when protesters tried to break barriers and entered the airport. The forces allegedly resorted to firing, which resulted in three lives and injured seven others.

Law enforcement authorities used water cannons, batons and rubber bullets to disperse protesters. The situation came a day after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced substantial Services Maintenance Act 1952 apply six months, appears to block the impending strike Pia workers. Meanwhile, Pia Nasser Jaffer said Tuesday evening that he resigned his post Pia workers during a clash with security personnel in Karachi after death. For more news about your interest online click express news   He said mourns death and lamented the events which led to their death. "My conscience does not allow me to work for the company anymore," he said. PIA agenda item 4 employees

1 The government should immediately withdraw the bill on converting national flag carrier into a public limited company on January 21,

2 PIA employees will be given a chance to reform the airline. If employees are not able to do it, the government will have the freedom to do what it finds convenient.

3 Privatization, whether it is in the form of finding a strategic partner, or sells the Company’s shares, is not acceptable for employees
 4 immediate reviews of aviation policy and government should form a committee for this purpose, consisting of experts together with PIA JAC employees Khursheed Anwar, Kamran Hassan and Salahuddin

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